PreO – 17th September

The Course

Parking close to arena. The total distance Arena – Timed Control – Start – course – Finish – Arena is approximately 3 km.

The routes Arena-TC-Start and Finish-Arena are marked with yellow tapes; they have a smooth surface.

28 controls, plus one Timed Control with 4 tasks between the arena and the Start.

In the competition area:

Constructed MTB tracks are mapped with symbol 506 Path. Other MTB trails and old and insignificant tractor tracks are not mapped.

The route on the course is along hard gravel tracks with mainly gentle climbs.

The viewing point for controls 13 and 14 is a short distance away from the gravel track, along a path – follow signs.

All other small paths leading from the tracks are out-of-bounds.

On one track there is a point, marked on the map with a tag across the track and on the ground by a sign, beyond which it is not permitted to go.

Time allowance: 126 minutes for Open Elite and Junior, 126 minutes for Physically Challenged competitors.

Timekeeping and punching will be by the ToePunch system – all equipment is provided by the organiser.

You punch both at the Start and at the Finish – both sites will be manned.

At controls on the course, back-up in case of ToePunch failure is by pin-punching in the control description list on the map: Column 1 – A, 2 – B, 3 – C, 4 – D, 5 – E, 6 – Z.

From the finish, competitors are asked to proceed immediately to the Download point in the arena and hand in their ToePunch unit.

Competitors not familiar with ToePunch can find out more by going to

Controls can be taken in any order – but the numerical sequence is logical!

Zero tolerance: Minimum 4 meters, or on a different object.