TempO – 16th September

The Course

Parking, arena, start and finish are close together.

The course is approx. 800 metres in length and has 6 stations, 5 tasks per station.

Mainly hard surfaces, no steep slopes apart from a stretch on the route between two stations, where help will be available for wheelchairs.

Small ground-level orange flags are used to show the routes to be followed between stations; competitors must keep precisely to these routes. Anyone straying from the routes faces possible disqualification.

Loose or bound sets of maps are available at each station.

Pointing boards will be available at each station if competitors request them.

Answers will be recorded on control cards which must be handed in at the result handling point in the arena immediately after completing the course. ANT software will not be in use.

There will be a mandatory finish quarantine set up until after the last start. This will be indoors, with toilet and refreshments available.

Maximum time: 150 seconds.

Zero tolerance: Minimum 4 meters at all tasks.

The map

Steps are mapped where there are at least 3 steps.

There are many small features of various kinds on the TempO map. Easily moveable items, e.g. picnic benches, are not mapped.

Special signatures on the TempO map: